Biking spirit!



Last Sunday, April 28th, we opened the biking season, strongly encouraged by the positive temperature and a shining sun. This time, we rode on one of the most unknown but also the most beautiful biking tracks around. Sometimes, it’s not even shown on the biking trails maps! Starting at the Jean-Drapeau park, it goes all the way to the West on a man-made estacade for over 25 km and ends close to the Kahnawake Amerindian reserve. This estacade was built to create a canal that would allow ships to come down from the Atlantic ocean directly to the Great Lakes without being disturbed by the powerful current and the rapids of the St-Lawrence river. The estacade is reserved just for bikes and it’s the perfect place to try to race and get really good biking speed. On both sides of the estacade, we could see bushes and trees, some eaten by the beavers, some harbouring delicate birds’nests, others with small leaves and buds. First, we crossed the impressive Jacques-Cartier bridge  and then we rode straight to the estacade. After taking a break on the shore of the St-Lawrence, we reached the recreo-park Ste-Catherine and could observe the Lachine rapids before returning back home. We really had a blast!

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