Boldt Castle, Heart Island, NY in the 1000 Islands

IMG_0426Upon our visit of the 1000 islands, we stopped on the island that harbors Boldt castle. The story of this place amazed us.  The construction of this castle started in 1900 by Mr. Boldt, an American millionaire, who wanted to build the most magnificent castle for his wife, Louise, born on St.-Valentine’s day. For this reason, the main exterior decorations of the six story, 120 room castle are hearts.  Unfortunately, his wife never saw the castle in all its glory because of her sudden death in 1904. Mr. Boldt was profoundly broken-hearted by such a tragedy and commanded to stop all construction of the castle, even though it was almost completed. He never returned to the island and the castle was abandoned.  This land was given to the government and was sold again to entrepreneurs who decided that they will finish the construction of this monument of love. They found the castle in very bad condition, since it was vandalised. The upper floors of the castle are still unfinished, but they are working to rebuild it. We really liked the garden and  the whole setting of the castle, which has a very romantic look.

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