How to survive to a St-Patrick`s parade in the cold

IMG_4913The cold couldn’t stop us from having fun on this St-Patrick Sunday!

Nowadays, St-Patrick is more and more celebrated worldwide. Of course, what an occasion to support the Irish by drinking their famous beers! If there are Octoberfest celebrations, why not St-Patrick? What makes St-Patrick so special is not only the beer degustation and the drinking songs, but the parade itself, with thousands of people, young and old, wearing green costumes everywhere, the happy atmosphere.

It’s not only the celebration of the Irish, but the welcoming of spring.

What caught our eyes were the Scottish men and women wearing the traditional kilt and socks, with their bare legs.


Maybe they had furry shorts underneath, but we can only speculate about it.  Braveheart would have been proud of them.

Our tips to stay warm during the parade:

  • Don’t be like a statue, move! Don’t stay in one place during the whole parade! The best is to have a view on the parade from different angles. Dance, jump, clap your hands, sing, shout, and be merry!
  • Visit one of the great Irish pubs while you’re there, it’s a true remedy to cold!
  • If you are not into beers, take a good warm coffee the Irish way, with some Baileys!

St-Patrick is the festivity that brightens up the end of winter, so come over and let’s celebrate!


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