Kayak Safari

The exploration of a sinuous river in a kayak, being able to touch the turtles swimming by, what can be better?

IMG_0100Wildlife is always present around rivers, as we have seen some ducks and herons, bull frogs and turtles. Even deer tracks could be found in the mud along the shore.  There was a small island on our way and we stopped on it to eat our lunch, before getting back in the kayaks. We also passed by several small rapids and could easily maneuver our way through. IMG_0069

Tips and tricks when you go kayaking:

  1. Don`t forget to bring with you 1 or even 2 bottles of water in the kayak. It`s easy to get dehydrated, as your mind thinks that you are surrounded by water and don`t need to drink.
  2. Sunglasses are essential in a kayak even if you don`t have a very bright sun, as the reflections will still hit your eyes.
  3. Sunscreen is a must, since you can get seriously burned when the water acts as a mirror.
  4. Kayaking takes lots of energy, so take a snack with you in the kayak, especially fruits and energy bars in a sealed container just in case.



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