Lavender fields of La Maison Lavande!

Lavender's splendors

For the birthday of our Adventurial, we went to relax in the lavender fields of La Maison Lavande, the lavender paradise! La Maison Lavande is in Saint-Eustache (Quebec),  just 50 min. from Montreal, see map here.

We never saw such a beauty before! La Maison Lavande is the perfect place to come in July, when it flowers the most. These flowers attract lots of bees and, at the lavender house, you can find all kinds of products, creams, and perfumes, but also honey, the LAVENDER honey! It really has a special taste! We tried many jams and played with pillows full of dried lavender. Its essence has powerful relaxing properties and also can kill germs, so it’s a good idea to use it to perfume bed sheets and add it inside pillows.



The purple fields of this sensual flower are a delight not only for the eyes, but for all the senses. A jazz band was playing for us as we sat in the lavender fields. IMG_5215

We also learned how to extract lavender essence through distillation and how to make perfumes.

IMG_5152The lavender fields are huge and everyone is welcome to walk around to smell these wonderful flowers.
IMG_5151 IMG_5199IMG_5210


Many varieties of lavender exist, but the owners of Maison Lavande are particularly fond of the Munstead variety, one of the most fragrant and rustic. This kind doesn’t need any additional watering and resists to pests. For more info about La Maison Lavande, check their site here.

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