Let butterflies free and you will see…


BeautyDuring cold winter nights, who didn’t dream to wake up somewhere closer to the tropics and the sun! It’s the perfect time then to warm up in the botanical garden’s greenhouses and enjoy the butterflies show.  Just for us, The Botanical Garden buys hundreds of caterpillars from countries like Mexico and brings them here, where they become butterflies. And now, not only butterflies, but also GIANT moths are part of the show.

You would never expect so many butterflies anywhere, just try not to step on them! Every rock and every plant could hide them, so watch closely.

Each butterfly has a specific taste, this is why the Botanical Garden`s greenhouse is transformed into a real flowering garden for the occasion. We learned a lot of interesting facts about butterflies from our visit, especially about the Monarch butterfly, this extraordinary butterfly that flies to Mexico every year. Here it is:


Other butterflies are happily mating on the trees…Butterflies in love

Some butterflies species prefer orange juice, they are also given minerals and salts.


FeastFind them

On the fly Eyes Decorum The moths also show beautiful colors, like the ones below:
Contrast  IMG_3543

Find 3 butterflies on the photo below!


 In 2012, this spectacular event lasted from February to April, will hope to see much more next year!

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