Mother’s Day around the World!

After giving birth to a wonderful baby and becoming a mother myself, I can say that Mother’s Day is a VERY SPECIAL celebration for me. HUGE!

There is so much to do as a mom, every single day and night! Remaining positive, patient and strong when dealing with baby waking up every 2-3 hours at night, screaming, doing all his baby stuff… is a challenge!

So for this, being a great mom is a superpower to be reckoned with!

For all the Supermoms out there, this is your time to shine!

Choose among our selection of Super Mom stylish designs and ENJOY being a MOM:

MOTHER is said very differently all around the word, but the most common ways are MA, MOM, MAMA, since these are the easiest sounds to make for a baby.

Learn how to say MOTHER in a new language:


It looks weird that, in Esperanto,  a constructed international auxiliary language that is supposed to be invented out of the mixture of all the  languages, MOTHER is “PATRINO”. How come? In Esperanto, “PATRO” means FATHER, so they derived the word “PATRINO” from it? A mother is a mother, not a derivative of father!  Never call me PATRINO, I much prefer MAMA! =)

Afrikaans Moeder, Ma
Albanian Nënë, Mëmë
Arabic Ahm
Bulgarian Majka
Croatian Mati, Majka
Czech Abatyse
Danish Mor
Dutch Moeder, Moer
Esperanto Patrino, Panjo
Estonian Ema
Finnish Äiti
French Mère, Maman
German Mutter
Greek Màna
Hawaiian Makuahine
Hindi – Ma, Maji
Hungarian Anya, Fu
Indonesian Induk, Ibu, Biang, Nyokap
Irish Máthair
Italian Madre, Mamma
Japanese Okaasan, Haha
Latin Mater
Lithuanian Motina
Norwegian Madre
Polish Matka, Mama
Portuguese Mãe
Punjabi Mai, Mataji, Pabo
Romanian Mama, Maica
Russian Mat’
Slovak Matka, Mama
Slovenian Máti
Spanish Madre, Mamá, Mami
Swedish Mamma, Mor, Morsa
Ukrainian Mati
Urdu Ammee
Vietnamese me

Find here very beautiful designs with the word MOTHER in different languages and become an international MOTHER! Everywhere you travel, you will be able to say who you are!


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