NY, 1000 islands stop 1: Singer Castle on Dark Island

IMG_0554For the exploration of the 1000 islands, we found out that from the american side, there are much more cruises organized than from the Canadian, so we crossed the border and drove to our destination.  We bought the tickets before-hand, cause these cruises are so popular! During our cruise of the 1000 islands, our first stop was Dark Island, to learn about the Singer Castle. This castle is called after the self-made  New-York millionnaire Mr. Frederick Gilbert Bourne, who worked in the Singer company. The castle has the Middle-Age design, even though it’s a mixture of different architectural designs. Inside, there are plenty of hidden passages, even revolving paintings to spy on guests,  and it’s possible to get lost in this 4-story, 28-room castle. Originally, Mr. Bourne had two islands, one on the American side (the Dark island) and one on the Canadian. It was found out that, during the prohibition period, when the United States were fighting against alcoholism while alcohol selling was allowed in Canada, Mr. Bourne was doing a good business by hiding alcohol on the Canadian island and transporting it to the U.S.  through underground tunnels. This castle has a mysterious aura and a great history, truly the best Halloween setting.

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