Opening of the sailing season down the Hudson river

Sailing on Hudson River, New YorkOh, how we opened the sailing season this year in New York, on the Hudson river! Any real adventurer dreams about this!

In the morning, we were all ready and eager to, as soon as possible, reach the marina where our sailing boat waited for us! When we arrived, we were greeted by the Canadian geese that  were leaving the US back to Canada, feeling that the spring has started at last and wishing us a great trip. Our two captains, Andre and Darrell inspected the boat, we helped to fix some little things and we were up and sailing, leaving the safe harbors that protected the boat from the hurricane into the wild-wild Hudson river. Soon enough, the wind showed up and we could free the sails, just as we were passing by the New York skyscrapers, the Intrepid, the Freedom Tower, all that in the shining sun. We learned so many sailing tricks as well! Andre taught us to maneuver, turn right or “starboard”, and left or “port” in real sailing terms. Sailing is an art, or more like a dance,  where you waltz with the wind, zigzag on the river’s show scene!  We were the first ones to open the season and chose really the best time for this, what an unforgettable day!

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