Snowshoeing pleasures in Ouareau park

We have visited the Ouareau park during the fall and were impressed by its beauty, so we wanted to admire it in the winter time as well. As we arrived, a light snow was falling on the hills and valleys and we could snowshoe on its different trails.



As we were climbing up and down there, and with our experience in snowshoeing in various places in Canada and in the U.S., we have perfected our list of essential equipment for a successful snowshoeing mission, here are what you are better to have:

1.  Good snowshoes: durable, not too heavy, with solid crampons.

2. Trekking Poles: You can use skiing poles if you wish, but the best are adjustable height trekking poles, they allow you to climb faster, have additional support in difficult or sloppy places, and to exercise your arms.

3. Small snow slider: When you are going down the hill on snowshoes, soon enough you find that it would be so marvelous to be able to remove crampons and slide effortlessly on the slopes, so this is when the snow slider becomes handy!  Highly recommended, and so much fun!



While snowshoeing in the Ouareau park, we saw an impressive number of rabbit tracks and some fox tracks could be seen as well, so watch out for wildlife and good luck! 


For more information on Ouareau park, please click here


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