Spring surprises from the fox

FOXWildlife is waking up after a long winter. We are particularly fond of a fox that we observe regularly here. This spring, we had a great surprise by discovering her six grey pups, very playful and eager to discover the world. The pups were running around mother fox and were jumping in the snow. They led us to their den, well hidden between bushes. As the pups will grow, their fur will become more red in color, but for now, their brown fur is a good camouflage during spring time.


Foxes can be observed in many parks now, as they are especially introduced to deal with the overwhelming number of squirrels and they are very good at their job. Foxes also easily adapt to the rural areas and don’t disturb us as much as raccoons or skunks. In spring, after a gestation period of 53 days, the fox gives birth to her pups in her den and the male fox will help her by feeding her and taking care of the pups when he’s not hunting for the family.

We had the chance to meet a different fox in fall, check our post about it here.

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