Trip: kayaking, blueberries and more!

IMG_0098The kayaking season is reaching its climax at summer and we went to the best kayaking spot last Sunday, July 28th:

Kayak Safari!

At 9:00 am., we left Montreal for our adventure and arrived on our Kayak spot right for the 10:30 am. kayak safari departure.

Our first discovery was a GIANT snapping turtle, about a meter long, that was swimming close to the first rapids. Those turtles are a direct reminiscence of fierce dinosaurs, with their nasty claws and sharp beaks, so we stayed away just in case if it was hungry and angry. The kayaks were very responsive and could effortlessly slide on the water.  When we reached 25% of our path, we  arrived to a small sand-made island, where we could have our first rest and eat our snacks.  That was also the best spot for swimming, so we took advantage of it! On the sand, we could clearly see the prints of raccoons and several deers; the wildlife there is very active. Soon, we were back in the kayaks, and, after some rowing, the river started zigzagging and we found several blue herons hiding in the weeds as well as small turtles on our way. Since we have told the Kayak Safari staff when we will arrive at the final kayak resting place, when we got there, we were greeted by the Safari guy and he helped us place the kayaks on the special kayak minibus, and he drove us back on the bus.

Exploration of Huntingdon and the neighborhoods:

After a copious meal at the local resto, we were back in our car and drove “parallel” to the US border on route 202 to Franklin city, where cider makers were waiting for us. Our favorite was Cidrerie Entre Pierre et Terre: they have a wild and wide collection of ciders, blueberry and cranberry wines, poirés (ciders made of pears) and you can taste all of them! One of their ciders is called Dandy Sexy Dog, in honor of the owner’s female labrador. Our blueberry picking at one of the farms nearby was also a special experience, we ate as much blueberries as we could. Our last stop was a lavender farm, where we were greeted by a big rooster and his hens, that were freely parading around. What an awesome trip, highly recommended!

For more info about Kayak Safari, click here!

For info about the Cidrerie Entre Pierre et Terre, click here!



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