Washington: what to do!


In spring, we took advantage of the Easter holidays to make an incredible trip to Washington, DC.

Upon our arrival in Washington, we were surprised to see flowering tulips and budding trees and bushes with fresh green leaves.


What makes Washington so attractive, would you ask? First of all, it is historically a very special city, full of culture. As the capital of the United States, it keeps its head high and you can learn so much there about its presidents and the U.S. Constitution. There are no flashy ads at every corner or skyscrapers like in New York and its architecture is a peculiar mixture of Ancient Greek, some European styles, and contemporary genre. There is a multitude of international embassies around and the white house stands strong, protected by snipers and a full little army of CIA agents.



The other big advantage of visiting Washington is that you can enjoy going to many of its Smithsonian complexes for free. This includes many museums and even the Zoo and the Botanical garden. The Capitol and many museums are located around the Mall area, very practical.



The Washington subway is very efficient as well, much nicer than in New York, but you have to get used to plan your trip in advance, as going to some stations is more expensive than to others and since during some hours, the fees are different as well. Also, don’t loose your ticket, as you will need to pass it in order to exit from the subway.


You can also enjoy kayaking and other water activities on the Potomac river and dining there in one of the best Georgetown waterfront restaurants, with a great choice of seafood and very big plates. Even the child’s portion there is huge.


We highly recommend to go to Washington with kids or to make a family reunion there, since you can visit so many interesting places. Don’t forget the Motto – E PLURIBUS UNUM :  “One out of many” , this is the one place out of many you will never forget. Our experience shows that four days are not enough for such a trip, so the whole week is the best option. Good luck!




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