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There are so much wildlife in and around our cities, you don’t have to go far to find it! One of the activities to do is to go wildlife  searching  with a good photo camera.  Apart from squirrels, in the evening you might meet a skunk or a raccoon, and even more impressive creatures. One of our most memorable wildlife encounters was in December. The place and the adventurers’ identities are to remain secret, for this is an out of ordinary story. The only thing that shall be said is that it was in one of our parks and that we have discovered a lot of incredible things about each other that day.

It was warm and the snow didn’t even show up yet.  We had a specific reason for coming to THAT spot: the Fox. The adorable Foxy lived here somewhere and we were eager to find her. But nothing was happening. Where is life in here? Tired of waiting, we found a waterfall nearby and soon forgot about the fox. Ice formed all around it and we wanted to see it closer. When we turned back, to our surprise we saw her, the Fox was just about 2 meters away from us,  with a hungry and nagging look. Here is the Foxy in all her glory.


fox4 fox2

Quick Facts about foxes :

Many of the foxes were introduced in our parks to control the growing population of squirrels that started to destroy bird`s nests. Foxes are very social animals and are not dangerous, unlike coyotes that also appeared in some natural parks.  Foxes can live for up to 12 years in good environment.



Foxy smile was an incredible reward for our efforts. We recommend to avoid approaching or feeding wild animals though, especially raccoons. They can bite, even a squirrel bit us once when we were handling her a nut, so beware, they are cute, but cuter from a distance!

New: we found the fox`s den! Check what we found there in our post Spring Surprises from the Fox !


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