World Environment Day


Today, June 5, for the World Environment Day,  urban gardening is the new star. We even started our garden too for the first time this year, with juicy “cherry” and “big beef” tomatoes, cucumbers, little sweet peas and more plants to come! This crocus photo is from our Botanical garden visit, we are not at this stage in our gardening to plant uneadible things just for fun. Actually, there are flowers that are also eadible and are interesting to try, our favorites are begonias. They have a citrus kind of taste and it’s possible to add them to all salads, they go also well with avocadoes. In terms of gardening, their advantage is that they are pretty resistant, flower all summer long, and come in an infinite variety of colors and shapes. Share your gardening stories with us and let World Environmental Day be every day!

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